School project (At the Movies) involving the HYPE Framework for Flash was to create a visual with (mainly) type that would respond to the SoundAnalyzer via a sound file. 
I immediately went with Bram Stoker’s Dracula - the 1992 film by Coppola, because it is one of my most loved films of all time. While searching online for free type to use, I found that most were generic “scary” and imitating the gothic style of the old lettering of the past. Then I found this amazing Dracula Logo Project by Michael Doret, and I had found my perfect (in every sense) “font”. 
After cutting up each letter and importing them to Flash, I decided to do some minimal adjustments because the flat letters weren’t working for the movement and the "Y" scaling that reacted to the frequency of the sound - The Brides, composed by Wojciech Kilar (Dracula OST 1992).
Here is a before and after my treatment in photoshop:
For the blood background I used the code from one of the BitmapCanvas examples with a custom splash shape I created then manipulated the bluring, and spring with the same sound file frequency, but this time I had to comment out the part on the code where the sound would play because on export, since I’m also using time code functions from hype, both sound will play but a delay would be created and that wasn’t working. Easy fix.
Lastly, I added a frame and a broken heart (Dracula is a love story afterall).
The heart is doing an alpha little play with AS3 from HYPE using FixedVibration.

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