Created in the days of web tables and Frontpage, this was my first portfolio circa 2005 designed in Photoshop CS (V 8.0) with html generated by slicing & exporting for web; optimized manually for cross browser display and fully suportive of the new cool guy Firefox (I'm a user of Chrome now)
Back then I was a great enthusiast of Photoshop Brushes and digital effects, as you'll notice through these pages. The site (now taken offline for a long time) is still functional and lies quitely on a dusty partition of my hard drive. I was 18 back then, and now at almost 27 It's nice to look back at my web work and how it has evolved.
Splash pages were cool in 2005!
Main index with the "MAKE POVERTY HISTORY" stripe - Their campaign is still going!
Here's the Profile page - It includes a self shot (removed for the obvious embarrasing selfie at 18) 
The Portfolio page was divided into categories: Web Design & Digital Art - terrible at both since I was getting started, but I had managed to do some "freelance" web work (with no pay mind you; I was passionate and happy to do stuff for free, and I could slap on my name the "Graphic Designer" title which made me feel supercool and somewhat self important hah!
This is the page that would show up when clicking on "Digital Art", which was full of my innocent-bullshit, computer-generated images with fancy shmancy effects and whatever Photoshop Tutorial or self experiments I could manage to destroy pictures with. And by the way, that third link on the web work is still up! (whoah!!!)
And here's my beloved free for all downloads page - told you I was a Photoshop junkie! 
I had made these PS Brushes and a couple of actions, which to my surprise today, managed to get some attention and some of the brush sets even ended up being published and featured on Photoshop Creative Magazine (UK)
Lastly, but not leastly here's this contact form that now is measly, as modern trends don't use anymore drop down ratings which makes me feel like Ronald Weasley when Hermione meets him first and looks him grizzly...
Notice there is no social links to be smothered in - no facebook like meeee's and twittsies buttons, intstagrams and pintersets and whatever have you - those were the days!
Upon successful message sent, you'd get this super duper cool eye of a random person with a thank you - polite and weird, that's the way to go.
And truly lastly this time, these are some of the most interesting elements of my 2005 portfolio. I made them with love; spent countless sleepless nights purely for the excitement, and had some help here and there from Gabriele Magurno (keyboard brush and some other cool shapes he used to publish for free on his site). 
ps. I miss bitmap and pixel fonts :(

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