Walking cycle flash animation - VIEW THE FLASH ANIMATION HERE
For this flash project I wanted to be as original as possible thus I decided the theme of the animation to be a creature that walks around in a room/museum of my own drawings
I began the process by drawing 7 frames of the character, a walking, sneaky creature with the numbers 0607 and a big eye in its back (eyes are prominent features in my drawings). Since it would be something that had escaped from my sketchbook, I used traditional pencils instead of Adobe Illustrator, then scanned the image into photoshop. 
7 frame drawings of the character
Here I've applied a simple embossing effect, and then removed the white background making transparent png files for each frame to be imported later to flash:
After that, I painted 2 rooms of “the museum’, again, using traditional media such as graphite, ink, water-colour and a bit of coffee for the washes of the wall & ground. I scanned the drawings after they dried and copy pasted images from my sketchbook into the frames of the gallery museum, while making necessary adjustments in order for the images to fit into the frames and to have an overall seamless transition between the rooms. I also created a highly contrasted image of the rooms to provide more variety to the scene. 
Having matching images for the background to loop, the animation process was fairly easy, though at times tricky. To finalize everything, I added a music track I composed back in 2008, titled “The beginning of a Metamorphosis”. The sound quality on the animation is not good, due to compression, but I think it adds even more to the theme. 
To view the animation in flash click this link.

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